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Time Wheel
Middle grade fantasy adventure

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TOMMY DELO, age 11 3/4, friendless, dad-less, vertically challenged, future-time traveler was not ready for sixth grade at his new school in Hopewell. Would his classmates notice how much he struggles just to keep up? He wondered. Little did he know that an ancient brass cylinder, laden with dust, hidden and forgotten behind an old school globe waited for him to discover it. There it sat amid the junk in their newly purchased antique store.

Join Tommy as he navigates the choppy waters of grade six at his new school. Jake befriends Tommy and eventually learns his secret. 

Meet the characters:

Tommy’s view on school:

“Patience is just a big show so the parents won’t worry. All teachers love to give homework,” Tommy complained, shoving a handful of nuts in his mouth. “They stay up all night planning how to make innocent kids barf up dumb facts! Don’t get me started about comprehension questions.”

JAKE, Tommy's new BFF

Jake laughed, “You’re a funny dude.” He extended his hand then did a special finger wiggle. “Shazam! I bet you feel like a fish out of water. Am I right?” He clipped his thumb in his belt loop and shifted on his right leg. He brushed a lock of pitch-black hair from his face. “Deer in the headlight face—dead giveaway, Dude. All new kids have it.” Jake arm punched him lightly.

JEFF is Jake's friend

Jeff tossed a wide smile Dina’s direction before unleashing a fury of activity. He dug into his backpack for a trapper keeper, mechanical pencils, his glass case and a red and black pen. He put on his glasses.


“Helloooo, Jakey,” Jennifer smiled and batted her dark lashes at Jake. “Adopted a stray puppy, I see,” she teased, jutting out her hip. “Did it pee on your shoe yet, Jakey?”

“Very funny, Jenny. New kid’s name is Tommy. Give him a break from your evil ways, woman.” Jake turned to greet the timid girl by her side.

“Let’s go, Beth. We don’t want to get rabies, do we?” Jenny sneered. She took her baby pink lip-gloss out of her pink backpack pocket to re-shine her lips. She puckered and blew a kiss at Jake. “See you later, Jakey.”


Joe barreled into Tommy knocking him clear off his feet sending his science book and notebook flying.

“Oops, sorry shrimp!” Joe yelled, “Not!”

With a splat, Tommy hit the tile floor. Papers scattered around him he lay there, splayed out and terrified. He was face to face with Joe’s demon face and curled fist ready to punch him to another time zone.

The teachers at Hopewell School

MISS BELL-Homeroom and History

“Greetings! Wonderful to see you all again.” Miss Bell grinned like a Cheshire cat. She arched her brows surveying the twenty youngsters in her charge. She tossed a manicured hand onto her black pencil skirt. “Let’s see! Who do we have here?” Miss Bell asked. Welcome to Hopewell School, Tommy— or as we like to say, ‘Hope starts right here,’ she extended her elegant hand out.

MR. TAYLOR-Math teacher

“Good afternoon, Ladies and Gents. I’m Mr. Taylor, and this is advanced math room 24. If you found yourself in the wrong hemisphere, you have two minutes to boogie on down the hall to the correct classroom. Please sign your name on the attendance sheet which is heading 360 degrees.” He made a circle with index finger. “Or should I say, A-Round the room.” He paused to let his joke sink in. “You will work hard, but learn math from a new angle. What do you call an adorable angle? Acute one!”

A shock of salt and pepper hair stuck up on his head like a scared porcupine. His heavy framed glasses perched on his nose over a furry dark mustache that wiggled when he spoke. Mr. Taylor’s tie, decorated with squares and triangles, dangled neatly over his button down Oxford shirt, black pants, and tan topsider shoes and bright purple and orange argyle socks.